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So... Hi everyone, I guess? I'm kinda new to dA. I mean, I've been browsing around the site for a while now, but I didn't think to make an account until now. Unfortunately, the only things I have that can even qualify as art are these foil wireworks, but I'm hoping they're good enough to make up for everything. I guess that's all.


Eeveelution Special #1 - Espeon
I've always liked the Eeveelutions, though Espeon's always been my favourite of all of them.

For anyone wondering, I have an Espeon nicknamed Ruby in-game, so this was made with her in mind.
Why the nickname Ruby, when Espeon's more purple-pink than red? Well, doesn't Espeon look like a carbuncle?
I guess it's been a while since I posted anything. So here, have a Hydreigon.

Hydreigon's always been one of those Mons that I have a mixed opinion about. I mean, I love it for being a cool three-headed dragon with a diverse movepool, and because I had one in my very first Nuzlocke, who I was thinking of when I made this.

On the other hand, I also hate it because a certain green-haired hypocrite's Haxdreigon was responsible for wiping out half my team in that same Nuzlocke, including the Archeops I loved very very much (RIP Blair).

Doesn't stop me from hoping for a Dragon/Steel Mega Hydreigon someday, though. Just imagine, a three-headed cybernetic dragon with wings and either Intimidate or Mold Breaker. How cool would that be?

For those wondering, the thing in the bottom right is a cursive capital Z. Three guesses what I named the Hydreigon in my Nuzlocke.


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